Data sources (France)

In general, raw data below age 100 during 1899-1995 are identical to those analyzed by Jacques Vallin and France Meslé, as contained in their latest data files and as described in the following references:

Vallin, Jacques. "La mortalité par génération en France, depuis 1899." Travaux et Documents no. 63. Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, 1973.

Vallin, Jacques. "Tables de mortalité du moment et par génération 1899-1981: Mise à jour provisoire des tables annexes du cahier 63." Paris: INED.

Their raw numbers usually match the data contained in the published sources listed below. A major exception, as described in Vallin (1973), is a correction for "false stillbirths" (i.e., very early infant deaths incorrectly classified as stillbirths in official statistics). We made a few additional corrections to the Vallin/Meslé data below age 100 based on comparisons to published or unpublished sources, as described in Notes (France).

At ages 100 and above, data come from a variety of sources, some published and some unpublished. In all cases, we have treated published data as the authoritative source, unless we knew of an unpublished and reasonable correction by a knowledgeable person. In cases where original death data are not available in full detail (Lexis triangles), death counts by age were split into triangles. All such changes or corrections are described in Notes (France).

The following is a complete list of the sources of raw data, not including intermediary sources (such as data tapes provided by Meslé and Vallin):

  1. Births and Deaths
  2. Published Sources

    1. Statistique générale de la France (SGF). Statistiques du mouvement de la population. Paris: Imprimérie Nationale, various years, 1903-1938.
    2. Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques (INSEE). Statistiques du mouvement de la population. Paris: Imprimerie nationale, various years, 1939-present.

    Unpublished Sources

    1. For deaths above age 100 in some years before 1968, research notes of Paul Vincent and Françoise Depoid at INED, and Solange Hémery at INSEE.
    2. For deaths above age 100 for some years after 1968, unpublished tables from INSEE.
    3. For deaths at all ages in very recent years, (as yet) unpublished tables from INSEE.

  3. Population
    1. INSEE. "Population par sexe, age et état matrimonial de 1851 à 1962." Etudes et documents démographiques, no. 10. Paris: Imprimérie Nationale, 1968.
    2. INSEE. "La population au 1e janvier des annees 1962 à 1968, reevaluations fondées sur les recensements généraux de 1962 et 1968." Bulletin mensuel de statistiques, juillet 1969, no. 7.
    3. INSEE. Other published sources of January 1 population estimates for 1969-present ??
    4. For the most recent years, unpublished tables from INSEE.

 Acknowledgements: Special thanks to Jacques Vallin, France Meslé, Jean-Claude Labat, and Françoise Depoid for their help in assembling these data for France.