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The Berkeley Mortality Database

Important note: The Berkeley Mortality Database (BMD) has been replaced by a bigger and better project, known as the Human Mortality Database (HMD). HMD data are superior for most purposes, so we are leaving BMD data here on a temporary basis, mostly for comparison purposes. However, some items within the BMD are not yet available within the HMD or elsewhere, including:

  1. Japanese cause-of-death data
  2. U.S. life tables from the Social Security Administration (SSA)
  3. U.S. decennial life tables from National Center for Health Statistics
  4. U.S. detailed data by race
  5. Swedish period life tables for 1751-1860
  6. Swedish cohort life tables

Items 4, 5, and 6 will become available within HMD very soon. Items 2 and 3 will be moved to the Human Lifetable Database, a companion project to the HMD, within a few months. (In addition, we are in the process of updating our copies of the SSA life tables.) At this time, we have no plans to update Item 1, but it will continue to be available here or at some other location in the future.

Welcome! This database was established in 1997 by Prof. John R. Wilmoth of the Department of Demography at the University of California, Berkeley. Construction of the database is supported by a grant from the National Institute on Aging as a means of advancing research on human longevity. Our goal is to assemble a large and detailed collection of mortality data for national populations and to make those data easily accessible to researchers around the world. We are hoping to add data for several more countries over the next few years.

We have tried to provide complete documentation for all data available through this site, although it is a daunting task. Start by reading an Overview of how individual data sets are constructed. More detailed documentation, including sources of the data, is organized by country (follow the links in each section). You are welcome to download and analyze any data posted here. However, before using these data in any way, please read our short User Agreement. Thank you!

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